What is New in Sprint 41



Debt walk for funding vehicles
is now available.

  • Yields custom reports that can be generated with various aggregated values at the funding vehicle level. These aggregated values can be used to create additional calculations.
  • Fields from the Funding Optimizations window are now available to create customized Borrowing Base statements.

Enhancements to Debt Views.

  • Added the ability to get Last Locked and Asset snapshot values in Debt views.
  • Added the ability to look at a month-end report view versus a pool cut-off view in Debt views.

Structuring and Waterfall

  • Groundwork to start building deal structuring/waterfall has been done.

The new Pool Effective Date field has been added to all scenarios on the Funding Optimizations window.

  • The Pool Effective Date field is captured as a pool level characteristic that can be used in Pool Activity views.

Historical Calculations can now be regenerated.

  • Historical columns can now be regenerated after an underlying calculated column is edited.

Enhancements to Reporting.

  • Increased the Excel template upload to support a file size greater than 10MB.
    It now preserves all embedded images, inserted graphs, and formatting of uploaded Excel templates.
  • Added the Report Settings – Card Management tab to increase the usability of this functionality.
  • Report activity is now being tracked on the Audit window.

Enhanced the API interaction with the ABS System and Talend.

  • The API interaction with the ABS System and Talend now supports Associated Data files.