Do I still need to rely on my spreadsheet models?

No. Ki not only reduces the risk associated with traditional spreadsheet modeling and reporting processes which tend to be “owned” by key individuals..

.. it is built to reduce both time to market as well as the ongoing operational costs of managing structured finance transactions. Ki requires no complex scripting language. With Ki business users can create waterfalls in a controlled, transparent, auditable platform and fully automate daily and monthly reporting requirements.

Does Ki provide any types of templates to help me setup my deals?

Ki simplifies the new deal setup process by allowing users to clone existing deals already setup in Ki. These powerful features are designed to help customers get up and running much more quickly and reduce the overall cost associated with setting up a new transaction.

What type of calculations does Ki perform

Typical calculations performed include:

    • Bond balances
    • Interest/Principal due/paid
    • Shortfalls
    • Credit support amounts
    • Trigger statuses
    • Excess spread amount
    • Reserve account balances

And more…

Can I validate report output and understand how values were derived?

Ki’s powerful data analysis features allow users to not only drill into the details behind calculated values on the investor reports but also understand the inputs into calculated fields. Users can establish onscreen views which represent different aspects of the report and ultimately drill into the underlying detail.

Can I still provide the same reports to my deal counterparties?

The fundamental philosophy behind Ki is to allow users to quickly generate relevant data online and then establish pixel-perfect report templates, which can be automated and broadly distributed. As such, users can setup reports to look identical to those that are already being produced today including pagination, font, logos, field names and more.

Can I still make manual entries to deals if I need to?

Yes. While Ki does focus on providing organizations with business process automation, the ability to make manual entries for certain components that are required for reporting is supported with the application.