Risk Mitigation

Seeking to protect firms from the inherent challenges of an outdated or manual infrastructure, Ki reduces the “headline risk” implicit with firms who rely on spreadsheet processes which tend to be error prone, manual and “owned” by key individuals.
Ki also provides a controlled, auditable infrastructure to support the operational control processes expected by internal audit and your client base.

Operational Efficiency

Built to handle the complex demands of Trustees in the structured finance market, Ki provides a powerful, efficient, easy to use infrastructure to manage the unique collateral management requirements of each of your clients and their respective deals. Ki reduces time to set up new clients, deals structures and reports by way of powerful cloning capabilities and business user tools


With a value proposition for Trustees of all sizes, Ki automates your daily, weekly and monthly reporting obligations allowing you to handle larger volumes of transactions; and in general saving time and freeing up resources. Ki utilizes the cloud for hosting thereby reducing traditional IT infrastructure cost – hardware, backup, disaster recovery and deployment and easier to scale.

Improved Value Proposition to Your Clients

With an eye toward helping you win new engagements, Ki provides Trustees with both domain specific and “out of the box” business user capabilities allowing you to better serve your clients. This includes helping you to quickly show your clients their data in the application; even as part of the sales process