Improved lending execution

Improve visibility into borrower collateral and facilitate faster response time.

Automated checks and reconciliation allows for more time analyzing facility performance

Benchmarking facility performance enhances ability to develop and execute market strategy

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation
Ki reduces the risk of traditional spreadsheet processes which tend to be “owned” by key individuals. Ki is fully auditable – complies with audit, risk and operational control related obligations expected by both internal and external stakeholders

Better control

Minimizes the risk of over-advancing due to inaccurate borrowing base calculation

Identifies data consistency issues between periods


Manages/automates highly complex warehouse administration and reporting processes

Automates the validation of borrowing request


Provide full business process automation for structured finance administration; saving time and freeing up resources. Ki utilizes the cloud for hosting thereby reducing traditional IT infrastructure cost – hardware, backup, disaster recovery and deployment and easier to scale.