Faster execution

Provides the ability for the business to come to market with new deals or modify existing ones without support from IT or 3rd party staff; adding massive efficiency and significantly reducing internal costs

Funding optimization

Optimizes the collateral pool associated with both warehouse and term funding thereby enabling firms to achieve the most efficient cost of capital

Real time data analysis

Enables ad-hoc data analysis with real-time calculation capabilities, without coding or scripting to allow business users to quickly address internal and third party deal performance queries



Manages/automates highly complex warehouse administration and reporting processes faced by Issuers/Borrowers in the structured finance market

Automates structured finance related reporting and analyses required for regulation, deal inception and investor expectations including vintage/static pool analysis, stratification tables and more.


Ki is built on a lightweight framework that requires minimal IT support and offers fast time to value for our customers. Leveraging both internal IP and best of breed 3rd party products, Ki’s user interface leverages modern design techniques to render complex capabilities in an easy to use manner.

Risk Mitigation

Remove reliance on Excel

Headline risk – no one person has control over process or solution.

Fully auditable – comply with audit, risk and operational control related obligations expected by both internal and external stakeholders in the structured finance space

Regulatory Compliance

Ki not only automates the extracts required by the Bank of England, ESMA, Reserve Bank of Australia, Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the SEC but also provides tools to ensure compliance based on operational procedures introduced by industry regulations.