Can Users leverage Ki to perform dynamic cohort analysis?

Ki supports cohort analysis on both source data as well as fields calculated by the system. Cohort analysis in Ki includes performing dynamic analysis for one or many facilities and looking at results under any number of asset selection scenarios.

What asset classes does Ki support?

Ki’s flexible schema allows organizations to use it for many different types of assets including, but not limited to loans, leases and revolving collateral. In addition, Ki supports the unique requirements associated with concepts like “child” loans where multiple loans must be grouped to a “parent” record for purposes of scenario analysis and data viewing.

Does Ki produce customized stratification reports?

Stratification reports required for securitizations or warehouses can be generated in both graphical and tabular formats. The reports can customized according to your company’s specific business requirements.

Does Ki support the ability to perform calculations?

Ki provides users with tools to perform calculations at both the asset and summary level. In addition to a powerful and flexible calculation writer interface, Ki also includes a function library that incorporates common structured finance calculations.

Can Ki support different advance rate calculations for different warehouses?

Advance rates and other aspects of the borrowing base are standard functions in Ki. However, users can utilize Ki’s powerful calculation and mapping capabilities to configure and apply different advance rates to different warehouse lines.

Will Ki show excess concentration amounts and any assets in breach?

Yes. Ki tracks and reports on specific assets in breach and excess concentration amounts along with the associated impact to borrowing base. Assets that are in breach can be removed manually or by running scenarios in order to better optimize use of your assets.

Will Ki produce automated reports for a warehouse?

Yes. Ki can produce a number of different types of reports including warehouse summaries. Additionally, Ki works in conjunction with Moody’s ABS System or Excel templates to fully automate the creation of full warehouse settlement statements.

Can Ki produce a borrowing base certificate?

Yes. Ki will produce a borrowing base certificate ready for transmission to your investors